[Nichinan Group] Automotive Prototypes


Automotive Prototypes

・ Show-car Prototyping
・ Motorcycle Prototyping
・ Cray Model
・ Automotive Parts Model

Show Cars at automotive exhibitions, which are held around the world, are examples of expert modeling. With integration of professional grade technique and knowledge, Nichinan Group puts themselves in the client's position, resulting in a high quality final product with great customer satisfaction.

 Nichinan Group already utilizes 25 surface plates for their automotive research. Furthermore, they possess 4 fully enclosed large paint booths capable of easily fitting a vehicle. This kind of equipment puts Nichinan Group up to par with even large automotive manufactures.

Additionally, both our General Technology Center in Miyazaki, Kyushu and Nichinan HQ have one automated gate-style milling machine each that is capable of creating full scaled automotive models to meet all aspects of vehicle development.


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