[Nichinan Group] Prototypes (Mock-ups)


Prototypes (Mock-ups)

・ Design Model
・ Engineering Model

Such as ……

・Design model, its required better appearance more than the actual.
・Working prototype, it’s functional with movement and/or electronics.
・Technical model, it’s required micron-perfect precision.
・Huge architectural model and scale model of company plant.
・Artist’s magnificent creative work, it’s difficult to figure how to make.

We want to fabricate anything that has the possibility of creation.

The word about the Nichinan Group's movement is spreading; various fields come forward for our help to make something a reality. We are inspired by fulfilling the dreams of designers, engineers, and artists who are the forerunners of our era. Nichinan group possesses the most skilled craftsmen, attributing to the model making process.  W e take pleasure in helping our customer's each unique request.


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