[Nichinan Group] History of Nichinan Group


History of Nichinan Group

History of Nichinan Group 1
1970 8   [NICHINAN INDUSTRY CORPORATION] established by reconstructing a private house in Kamisouyagi Yamato-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken
1974 11   first factory established and transferred to Ayase-Shi
1978 11   renamed to [NICHINAN CORPORATION]
[NICHINAN] LOGO MARK established
1981 9   original design shop [SPIRAL] opened at the new building [ROPPONGI AXIS BUILDING]
1988 9   [WINT CORPORATION] established in Saito-Shi, Miyazaki-Ken
1990 11   [FORM CORPORATION] started operation at a rent building
1999 9   [CENTER JAPAN BUSINESS DEPARTMENT] established in Takaoka-Shi, Toyama-Ken
2000 12   [CENTER JAPAN BUSINESS DEPARTMENT] became independent [WIND-D CORPORATION] established
at the same time
2003 11   [JINT CORPORATION] established in Tano-Cho, Miyazaki-Ken
2003 11   ISO14001 certification acquirment
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